Grüezi, Servus and Hello - Welcome to AlpinRes!
These pages are intended for first time users of AlpinRes. The benefits of this service, how to work with it and how you can register at AlpinRes is explained on the following pages.

Do not worry! Although the booking of huts is new and unusual, but it is not more difficult than buying something from another online store. Some procedures and terms are new and had to be specially developed for the booking of accommodation and catering in alpine huts - They are no ordinary hotel!

Our main concern was to make the use of this website very easy and straightforward for the hut guests, as well as the hut wardens.
So, we have created a tool that is forward looking and above all very practical.

Here's a little introduction as a demo:

You are on the road high in the mountains and want to spend the night in a hut?
Here you can learn more, why you should register as a user on AlpinRes.

You are a hut warden?
Then we'd like to show you the benefits of AlpinRes and why you should sign your hut here.

Why do we need such a system?
Who invented it?