Or - what were the reasons to develop such a system?

In spring 2011, Robert Lienert (Initiator of AlpinRes) heard from a couple of friends, that they were soon again in use as replacement hut wardens. From time to time they spell for a weekend and take a SAC-hut, thus allowing the hut warden couple to have a free weekend. For weeks, all places were sold out this weekend. Many requests had already been rejected. They looked forward to the intensive but great work.

After the weekend work the friends reported, that a group with 11 people has not appeared . No cancellation or information, the food was cooked and the yield of an entire dormitory has failed. Now the complicated work to receive at least the no show fees... What a frustration!

Inspired by this story, as well as his own experiences and observations would not let this thing Robert go. "This can not be. No, must not be. A hut is a service company, which was supposed to be the upper hand. The longer and the more I talked with hut wardens, the longer I had made ​​observations and questioning processes, I realized that the current state and the income and expenses of the huts, in no way are in accordance.

The hut is dependent on the goodwill of guests, can hardly enforce regulations and debt collection measures and has partly a reservation system at the level of 1950 (telephone, book, pencil and eraser). Also the host cannot find easily a similar accommodation on the opposite side of the street - thus the hut just have more rights and opportunities to receive. When you finally still consider the context in which and the conditions under which maximum performance is provided, the attendance times and how this work is rewarded - every economic, social and ecological thinking person shakes head"

But also from the perspective of the guest (mountaineer / climber) it would certainly be desirable if there would be the possibility to book an alpine accomodation and maybe also the boards from home or the office. Normally there takes the itinerary planning place and people use the digital possibilities now intensive and with pleasure. Then why not book a hut in the same way?

As an independent internet entrepreneur Robert developed summarily a requirement profile resp. a project description for a web portal through which huts and shelters can be booked - in the whole Alpine region. Already in June 2011 the programming began and just one year later the beta version was online available. Many basic functions, desires, ideas and innovations have been included and implemented. After an intensive testing phase the launch has occurred in December 2012.